December 2016 – Book of the Month

Are you getting all that you hoped and expected from your Agile software development process? If not, it might be because your product governance processes are in conflict. As a director of a Program Management Office I’ve seen that by making a few simple but critical changes to your process you will reduce the time wasted on products that will never get built, make better product choices, and enjoy better relationships between your managers and software development teams. After reading Succeeding with Agile Governance, you will know the importance of more Agile-friendly approaches to governance and will be equipped with the knowledge and tools to implement effective Agile governance. You will know to:

  1. Plan using only the appropriate level of data available, elaborate, and change the plan as assumptions change.
  2. Be disciplined about when and how to make decisions.
  3. Separate accountability for solutions and requirements from accountability for the market problems and business needs.

Succeeding with Agile Governance: The Agile PMO
Author: Paul Osborn