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1-Be sure to confirm your email address, we will reply with an email to which you will be able to submit your content (text, image(s), links).

2-To get a general idea of the types of content we will be looking to post, it will have to be relevant, in some or in most part with the tone of articles and posts that are currently on our site. The main theme should relate to (or be of interest to) the subject of Agile best practices.

3-To submit your article, The Agile Times suggests the following guidelines:

  • Make sure the content best reflects the tone and subject matter of our current posts.
  • Your article should be within limits and length of 500 to 700 words.
  • Free of grammatical and spelling errors. 
  • Include sub-headlines, headers, paragraphs.
  • Excessive self promotion (of yourself or company) will lower the likelihood we will publish your article

5-By submitting your article, The Agile Times reserves the right to:

  • Change headlines and subheads.
  • Edit for style, tone, or substance.
  • Add links for context.
  • Add art or media at the discretion of The Agile Times review committee.
  • Promote on our homepage, in our newsletters, and via our social feeds.
  • Decline posting to the site for any reason the editorial committee deems appropriate. Reason may or may not be provided.
  • Request further validation from the author about the authenticity of the content of the article.
  • The article should include only content that belongs to the author.
  • Material found to belong to other authors and sources will be dismissed for publication.

6-The Agile Times will not be providing any form of monetary compensation for any published articles.

7-The Agile Times will add a reference/credit sub-page section (limited to approx. 50 to 100 words) to your article providing in your preferred format, i.e. your name, site, and/or biography.

8-The Agile Times will not be held responsible to explain why the submitted article was not selected for publication.

9-Any correspondence that does not relate to submitting an article will be ignored and blocked.

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